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Wizards & Warriors

Wizards and Warriors was a tv program that ran briefly on the
CBS network in 1983.  The show was a fantasy series complete
with magic, monsters, sword fights and castles - yet its humor
had a modern sensibility.  It was very similar in attitude to
shows like Xena and Hercules that would become great successes
 years later.  My own enthusiasm for the show, and the internet
sites devoted to it, is driven by two reasons.  First, of course,
 it was a great program - very funny and entertaining.  Secondly,
 online fandom for this show has introduced me to some great people.
It has always been, for me at least, a great online community.

Here are some sites that will tell you everything you need to
know about Wizards and Warriors:

First come join The Wizards and Warriors Club

Then go to The Land of Aperans: the Haven for Wizards and Warriors -
the ultimate Wizards and Warriors website - and be sure to join their
mailing list - it's great fun.

And for a tiny bit of humor, try - Separated at Birth?
This is a comparison of the main hero of Wizards and Warriors
to the main hero of the cartoon series - Dungeons & Dragons.
(Another program which debuted on CBS in 1983.)


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