Catherine Disher

A talented Canadian actress, Ms. Disher is probably best known for her
wonderful portrayl of Natalie Lambert on the tv series Forever Knight.
Ms. Disher (nicknamed "The Dish" by her Forever Knight co-stars) is also
very successful as a voice actress and has done work for many cartoons and
video games, including the role of Jean Grey on the X-Men animated series.

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Though Ms. Disher has many devoted fans, she is forced to stay isolated
from them due to the actions of some sick and disturbed individuals.
After being cast on the late 80's tv series, War of the Worlds,
Ms. Disher was targeted by some so-called fans of the show who
didn't like changes made in that program's second season.
She even received phone calls threatening her life at her own home.
As a result, for the safety of herself and her family, Ms. Disher
does not make promotional appearances or attend fan conventions, nor
does she answer fan mail or encourage any fan clubs devoted to her.

While this might seem overly cautious to some, it is actually the wisest
course for her to take.  Besides giving all of fandom a bad name, deranged
and obsessive "fans" can be truly dangerous.  Such people, who can't
distinguish reality from fantasy, should not to be taken lightly.


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