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Meighan Desmond

A very talented actress from New Zealand, Ms. Desmond is best
known for her portrayal of the godd
ess Discord on the TV shows:
Xena, Hercules, and Young Hercules.

As the villainous Discord, Ms. Desmond demonstrated a wonderful
range of talent - showing that she could play a diabolic and twisted
menace as well as an alluring femme fatale, but also exhibiting a
marvelous flair for comedy.

Image by my good friend Ash

Since there is very little information about Ms. Desmond on the
Internet, and since she is deserving of a first-class fan site....

I went ahead and created one (with the help of some great friends)

Check it out!

And here's a story featuring Meighan's character, Discord
The Twilight Test


The Meighan Desmond Fan Site is Gold!

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been eaten alive by rabid hamsters.
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