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The Forever Knight / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Role Playing Game

Rules and Information

The game takes place in Sunnydale, beginning early in the 3rd season of Buffy - the tv series.  Everything up through the episode "Faith, Hope and Trick" has taken place, but from here the game will go in its own direction.  As the game starts - Buffy has not yet found out that Angel is alive, Faith is on the side of the good guys, Xander and Cordelia are still together, etc.  (Of course, these things may or may not change quickly as the game progresses.)

Buffy and Angel characters that didn't show up until later episodes can still be selected by players, as can characters who died in earlier episodes (i.e. Darla, Kendra) if the player can come up with an explanation for their return.     

The Forever Knight characters are as they were in the second season of that series.  Schanke is alive, LaCroix is an active presence, Janette is running The Raven, etc.  Characters from the 3rd season of Forever Knight can be played as well.  The crossover begins when Nick and Natalie both take a "vacation" to Sunnydale - Nick in search for a way back to mortality, Natalie to observe Nick's reactions to a new treatment she's been giving him.  Other Forever Knight characters can make up their own reasons for being in Sunnydale.  (Following Nick, coincidence, etc.)    

Each player may take up to four characters.  Made-up characters  are now being allowed - send details of any made-up character ideas to the list owner for approval.  Contact the list owner - Laren - if you have questions about which characters are available.

Game Content  

This game will have a "light" R rating.  Moderate profanity, fairly intense descriptions of violence and steamy (but not blatant) sexual material will be allowed.  The key here is moderation.  Most posts should be G, PG or PG-13 in nature - but players will have the option of going a little more "adult" at times for dramatic impact.   Graphic descriptions of sex and violence are not allowed.  Profanity should not be used in excess.     If any players are bothered by the content of any posts in the course of the game - they should direct their concerns to the list owner - Laren.    

Two Kinds of Vampires  

Forever Knight vampires and Buffy vampires are distinctly different from one another.    

Forever Knight vampires: 
- can fly.
- cast reflections in mirrors.
- do not turn to dust instantly when staked.
- can enter homes without being invited.

- faces do not become as inhuman as Buffy vampires when they "vamp out."  Their eyes change and their fangs become noticable.
- are not necessarily evil - though most are driven by a powerful bloodlust and see humans just as food.    

Buffy vampires:
- can't fly.

- can't cast reflections in mirrors.
- turn to dust instantly when staked.
- cannot enter private homes unless being invited at least once.  They can enter homes repeatedly after an initial invitation though.
- faces become inhuman when they "vamp out" - this is often called their "game face."
- are evil and have no souls.  The only exception being Angel, due to a gypsy curse.  If during the game a similar type of curse were cast on another Buffy vampire, then they could turn good...but otherwise all vampires of this type are evil.  

Mortals that are made into vampires become the same type of vampire as the one that made them.  Buffy vamps make more Buffy vamps.  Forever Knight vamps make more of their own kind.    

Game Rules  

Do not control other player's characters.  When writing a post, say what your character is doing or saying, do not have someone else's character do or say anything unless you have cleared it with that player first.  In cases where you have some story element that greatly affects another character (i.e. you are playing Spike and you want to knock out Natalie and kidnap her) - contact the other player first offlist and see if they want to go along with your idea.  Do not force an unwanted situation on another player.  However, when two or more players want to work together to bring about a new plot element - the results can be memorable.  ("What?  Drusilla killed Schanke and made him a vampire?!")    

Try to post at least once a week.    

Play nice.  :-)  Characters may be enemies, but players should not.    

When writing your posts, sign them as your character so that there will be no confusion as to whose post it was.   Any questions or comments that you make outside of the game's story should be marked - OOC (out of character.) 

Fake post example: 

Buffy runs into the room and confronts the vampires. 
"Who wants to get staked first?" she asks in a confident tone. 


OOC: Did anyone sign up to play Cordelia yet?  

Of course, a real post should be longer than that.  :-)  

Any questions or comments - contact Laren.