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Say No to Spam

The rules outlined below apply to the following Yahoo! Groups
Hudson Leick Fans
Meighan Desmond Fans
The Wizards and Warriors Club

All group members are able to post photos, files, and messages in their group(s).

Photos and Files
Photos and files should be related to the topic of the group.
Any commercial advertisements (unless DIRECTLY related to the group topic),
items related to financial offers, pyramid schemes, unrelated websites
and the like will be deleted immediately and members who post such items
will be deleted from the group ON THEIR FIRST OFFENSE!

Message Board Posts
Message board posts are allowed greater leeway when it comes
to going off topic - but unrelated commercial advertisements,
pyramid schemes, etc. are not allowed and will be deleted.

Members who violate Spam policy on the message board will
get a warning on their first offense, and be deleted on their
second offense.

The leeway given to message board users is designed to
promote a friendly atmospehere for communication.
It can lead to some confusion about what is and in not
appropriate however - so below are some examples.

Appropriate Post for The Wizards and Warriors Club
The reason I liked the show was because of the cliffhangers that led
into the commercial breaks, like something out of old movie serials.
I'm a big fan of old movie serials - and I made a website about them
that you can see at (link inserted by poster)

Inappropriate Post for the Hudson Leick Fans group
Boy, Hudson sure is a sexy babe!
To see sexy babes like Hudson performing
Come to (link inserted by poster)

I cannot stress enough just how fast a
post like the one above would be deleted.

Inappropriate Post for the ANY group
Hey, I know a lot of you surf the web a lot like me.
Well, now you can earn $$$ everytime you do!
Just go to (link inserted by poster)

Another post that would be deleted instantly

I hope that this anti-spam policy is acceptable to all group members.

Now, please return to the group of your choice:

Hudson Leick Fans

Meighan Desmond Fans

The Wizards and Warriors Club